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Massage, Wellness & Spa

Below are some of the Asian and European, relaxing or therapeutic massages you can experience at Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa. See also our body shaping procedures page to learn about massages and procedures that result in weight loss, toning, cellulite removal or cellulite relief.

Balinese massage


Practiced for centuries on the Indonesian island of Bali, Balinese massage is a traditional form of therapy for body and soul. This type of massage is unique in its combination of alternative medicine practices: acupressure, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy.


At Amaryl Wellnes & Bali Spa, Balinese massage sessions are authentic because they are performed by Balinese massage therapists. Relaxation and release of tension in the muscles is achieved using a combination of long, flowing strokes, kneading and circular movements on the muscles, joints and ligaments. To apply pressure to specific points on the body, therapists use not only hands and fingers, but also elbows and forearms.




Balinese massage stimulates blood circulation, cell oxygenation and the circulation of the ,,qi” (energy) flow through the body, which results in a state of deep general relaxation, relief of muscle tension, a state of calmness through which the effects of stress are reduced.


Duration: 60 or 90-minute sessions.

Thai massage


Recognised as an alternative form of therapy practised worldwide and with a history of over 2,500 years, Thai massage combines deep tissue massage with yoga-inspired acupressure and stretching.


Based on the idea that the human body is criss-crossed by energy lines or channels, by applying pressure to different energy points, the therapist helps to release blockages and restore energy flow throughout the body, which promotes healing, pain relief and relaxation. To apply pressure to specific points on the body, the therapist uses the hands, feet, elbows and knees.




By stimulating energy points, the body’s natural healing process is activated. The immediate effects are primarily physical: relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis or back pain, improved flexibility and range of motion. Thai massage improves circulation, reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety and can help improve sleep quality, reduce symptoms of depression and achieve an emotional state of calm, balance and inner peace.


Duration: 60 or 90-minute sessions.

Shiatsu massage


Shiatsu massage is a popular form of therapy that originated in Japan and has been practiced for centuries. It is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to release tension. The name Shiatsu comes from the Japanese words ‘shi’ – finger and ‘atsu’ – pressure.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, when the body’s energy flows freely through channels called meridians, the body is in a state of balance and health. Shiatsu helps to balance the body’s energy pathways as the therapist uses their fingers and palms to apply pressure to different points on the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing ability by unblocking circulation, reducing muscle tension and relaxing. Prospuncture and stretching are among the most common techniques used in Shiatsu.




This valuable form of therapy reduces muscle tension and stiffness, improves circulation, relieves pain, boosts immune function, improves movement, reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, increases mental clarity and focus, improves mood and overall well-being.


Duration: 60 sessions.

Aromatherapy massage


This therapeutic massage technique combines the benefits of massage therapy with the healing properties of essential oils, which have been used for centuries by mankind to maintain health and beauty.


In aromatherapy massage we use oils with different aromas which, once absorbed into the bloodstream, improve the functioning of the whole body, energise or relax. Aromatherapy massage can be relaxing, revitalising or moisturising, depending on the oil used, and the benefits on the body and mind are felt immediately because our receptivity to aromas is very high.




The benefits of this practice and the best essential oils create a truly therapeutic experience: they relax, balance the body, help reduce the effects of stress, strengthen the body and support it in the healing process, stimulate the immune system to fight infection, provide mental clarity and relieve headaches.


Duration: 60 min

Hot oil massage


Called „abhyanga” in Ayurvedic medicine, warm oil massage is an extraordinary skin care ritual that activates blood circulation, supports cellular oxygenation and facilitates the drainage of toxins from the tissues. To facilitate the penetration of the warm oil into the skin, the therapist’s movements are uniform, gentle, rhythmic, circular and yet penetrating, and the manoeuvres are smoothing, dabbing and moderate pressure.




Warm oil massage is a relaxing body massage that reduces fatigue, improves sleep and can also help prevent certain diseases.


If practised regularly, warm oil massage relaxes the nervous and muscular system, improves blood circulation, aids digestion and has a strong moisturising effect on the skin. The ritual of warm oil massage applied to the face tones the facial muscles, nourishes and makes the complexion glow.


Duration: 60 or 90-minute sessions.



More than just a simple massage for the sole of the foot, reflexology is a widely accepted, non-invasive alternative form of treatment that is widely practised to relieve certain conditions, improve general health. Reflexotherapy stimulates the body’s self-healing capacity by transmitting nerve impulses, so the benefits of reflexology are important for the whole body.


Reflexotherapy of the sole, or therapeutic sole massage, is carried out by applying pressure, through pressure and specific massage techniques, to reflex points on the sole of the foot. Stimulation of the reflex points on the sole is done in a certain order because each point on the sole corresponds to an internal organ, a body function, a gland.




There are many benefits the body enjoys after reflexology: reducing stress and muscle aches, improving blood circulation to relieve cold hands and feet, numbness and tingling sensations in the extremities, supporting the immune system, eliminating toxins, relieving gastrointestinal conditions.


Duration: 45 min

Massage with volcanic stones


Volcanic stone massage should be tried at all costs for its energy rebalancing effects on the body. It is said to date back about 5000 years and according to its Indian origins, it is meant to balance the 7 chakras.



Very fine basalt stones, with a high heat retention capacity of approx. 45 minutes, are applied to specific points on the body and are then used for massage using specific techniques. The stones are applied gradually, and each stone is applied to a specific spot to act exactly where the body needs it and will produce positive energy with effect down to the cellular level. The heat released relieves pain or discomfort, relaxes the muscles, making the massage with volcanic stones all over the body induce a feeling of complete and deep relaxation.




Relief of joint, rheumatic or muscle pain, relief of peripheral circulation disorders, reduction of stress and insomnia, relief of spinal pain.


Duration: 75 min.

Infrared sauna


Experiencing an infrared sauna is an escape from the daily routine that has no contraindications, only precautions for those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. In an infrared sauna, you can load up on the benefits of a sauna without feeling uncomfortable because you can barely breathe: the temperature here is much lower (40-60 degrees C) than in a classic sauna (80-100 degrees C). It is therefore the ideal option for people who have a low tolerance for very high temperatures.



In addition, the benefits are double those of a traditional sauna because the infrared rays act directly on the body. Infrared rays heat the body from deep inside out and act on the muscles, skin, the whole body. Sweating is intense and the process of eliminating toxins from the body is accelerated.




Infrared sauna helps to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, eliminate acne, remove dead cells, detoxify the body and remove harmful substances, eliminate stress, stimulate the immune system, eliminate excess weight, relieve muscle and joint pain, restore peripheral circulation, improve the metabolic function of the organimim and has an anti-inflammatory effect to relieve general inflammatory syndrome or in local inflammation.


Duration: 30 min

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