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Gift cards

The moments when we receive gifts are among the happiest moments in life. Each gift bears the unique imprint of affection, love, appreciation and gratitude from the person giving it. You are happy when you can make your loved ones happy.


Choose the most appropriate gift – Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa Gift Cards:

  • It offers a complete experience for relaxation and well-being, a personalised, sensory, very personal experience.
  • The gift itself has a lot in common with a wellness & spa experience: both create a sense of well-being, bring a smile, relieve stress, relax.
  • It’s the gift that you go with for sure. There’s no chance of not liking it, because the recipient of the gift card chooses their customised services from the very wide range offered by Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa.
  • It’s the gift that never goes out of style.
  • It’s the gift that is always welcome.


Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa Gift Cards offer complete spa experiences for relaxation, body sculpting and beauty. They are available with values of your choice, the minimum value required is 200 lei (VAT included).

Gift Card Order Form

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General Conditions Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa Gift Card


Anyone wishing to give a gift in the form of spa services: massages, body shaping procedures, cosmetic procedures at Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa can purchase gift cards to give to anyone they wish.


Gift cards can be purchased in physical format, either at the Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa or on the website:
Gift cards are available in any value, with a minimum value of 200 lei (VAT included). The price of each gift card is equal to the value written on each type of card.


In order to give the gift of a complete spa experience of relaxation and body contouring, we recommend purchasing gift cards according to the following examples:

  • Silver Spa Experience, 720 lei (VAT included), includes 3 therapies of your choice.
  • Gold Spa Experience, 1440 lei (VAT included), includes 6 therapies of your choice.
  • Platinum Spa Experience worth 2880 lei (VAT included), includes 13 therapies of your choice.


The gift card can only be used in the Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa salon located in Negoiu Street, no. 6, ap. 4, for the purchase of spa services provided by the salon. The list of Spa services and their prices can be found at


The gift card is valid for a period of 6 calendar months, and in order to use it, it is necessary to schedule the first session in advance and determine with the Spa therapist which services will be included in the gift card. The value of the Spa services purchased must be equal to or greater than the value on the card. If the value of the services exceeds the face value of the card, the difference will be paid by any other means of payment accepted by Amaryl.


Payment for gift cards can be made in lei at Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa, Negoiu str. no. 6, ap. 4, by card or cash. For gift cards ordered online, on the website, through the order form, payment is made online by card through the online payment processor NETOPIA Payments.


How to send the gift card:

  • Free with pick up from Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa premises.
  • Free of charge by courier in Brașov
  • By courier, outside Brasov Brașov, with delivery fee, payable directly to the courier. The value of the transport is calculated by the courier according to the destination city.


The cost of transport will be paid directly to the courier. Delivery time is maximum 3 working days.


See detailed terms and conditions for Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa Gift Cards here.

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