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Corporate Spa

We know that you want relaxed, less stressed employees because they perform better and they bring harmony in your company. Our offers for companies complement the employee loyalty measures and the bonuses offered, under conditions of tax deductibility.
Corporate Spa – Benefits


Non-financial rewards bring back enthusiasm among employees. They act as a bond that creates or reinforces a strong, empathetic and long-lasting relationship with the employer. Why Spa vouchers for the employees of the company you manage? Because the Spa itself is an environment created exclusively to provide relaxation and well-being, to find our inner peace, balance, energy – that’s why the relaxing and restorative effect is guaranteed. Massages, spa therapies, infrared sauna, wraps, anti-aging facial rejuvenation therapies, all work individually or synergistically to relax, to eliminate stress, to soothe, to restore the primal state of well-being. So that the next day we can start again full of positive energy!


Your company can purchase spa voucher packages for employees. Offers are tailored according to the spa therapies included in the package and the number of employees. The possibilities are varied: birthday spa vouchers, vouchers as a gift for Christmas/ Easter, as a monthly subscription offered to employees or as a bonus for performing employees. Corporate Spa packages can include only some of the wellness & spa therapies available at Amaryl (e.g. massages) or can include a combination of different types of massages, sauna, cosmetic services or facial and body rejuvenation treatments.

Why Spa rewards for employees?


  • Win-Win: Employees receive spa memberships as a form of empathy and therapy. They feel appreciated, understood, motivated. They, in turn, appreciate the employer’s effort. In other words, a mutually beneficial relationship is created.
  • Spa means health: Spa packages contribute to the health of employees who spend a lot of time in the office. However comfortable and ergonomic the office or car chair may be, sitting in a chair for long hours every day has direct repercussions on the health of the spine and beyond. Therapeutic and relaxing massages performed by our therapists in Bali help to relieve sore spots, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, reduce fatigue and can help improve sleep quality.
  • Spa – no-stress: Spa experiences included in the packages have an effect of relieving acute stress and helping to counteract chronic stress, along with the rest of the benefits. It’s known that more relaxed employees have more clarity, are focused on achieving their goals and get results.
  • Spa – prevention: Spa packages offer tangible, concrete rewards: employees appreciate that they receive immediate benefits, the effects of which are felt immediately. Compared to a health subscription, where the benefits are on an as-needed basis and the focus is on treatment, the spa subscription acts as a preventative, anti-illness measure.
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