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Body Reshaping

Reshaping one or more areas of the body by removing fat and cellulite or toning muscles and skin is possible at any age. Body wraps, bamboo stick massage, body electrostimulation, radiofrequency are just some of the procedures you can experience for weight and inch loss around the waist or in the arms, knees and calves area, to restore a toned, firm, bright, rejuvenated, cellulite-free appearance to your body skin.

Body wraps in the infrared tunnel


Body wraps are true beauty rituals, practised since ancient times to moisturise and brighten the skin, detoxify, slim or eliminate cellulite. At Amaryl, for increased treatment effectiveness, wraps begin with an exfoliation procedure to remove dead cells, stimulate circulation and prepare skin tissues for wrapping. The pores are opened and the skin is receptive, ready to absorb the treatment that is about to be applied.


For body wraps we use creams or lotions with natural ingredients: coffee, chocolate, honey, green tea, seaweed, paragil, parafango. The wraps are done by thermotherapy in an infrared tunnel, which works like a local sauna. The penetrating, deep heat of the infrared rays activates the sweating process inside the body, which means that harmful substances are simply pushed out of the body with sweat, through the pores.



Wraps help with weight loss, reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation and skin appearance, eliminate harmful substances that cannot be eliminated by diet alone, boost immunity naturally.

Contraindications: pregnancy, menstruation, pathological changes, inflammation, fever, tumours, hypertension, sensitivity to heat, varicose veins, respiratory diseases and diabetes.


Duration: 60 min



Discovered around the 1940s, electrostimulation – the technology that creates muscle contractions by applying low-density electrical pulses to the body – is still in vogue because of its proven results.

Electrostimulation is a safe, painless, non-invasive method and an excellent alternative to surgery for achieving and maintaining beauty. Because it involves no physical effort, electrostimulation is the easier way for body contouring, muscle toning and weight loss to take place. Through this procedure, we put to work deep and superficial muscles in areas of the body where fat is accumulated or where the skin is losing elasticity. So electrostimulation breaks down fat, strengthens, tones and contours the abdomen, legs, arms, hips, back and thighs. The desired beneficial effects of electrostimulation are enhanced in combination with a healthy diet and minimal physical activity.



Rebuilds muscle fiber, hleps skin rejuvenation, muscle toning, inch and weight loss, fat loss. In addition, electrostimulation improves blood circulation and together with powerful muscle movement ensures lymphatic drainage and detoxification of the body.


Duration: 45 min

Anti-cellulite massage with bamboo sticks


Any treatment for body remodelling shows its effects not only physically, but especially mentally, and the anti-cellulite massage with bamboo sticks should be seen as such a ritual for well-being.

Bamboo sticks have been used for thousands of years in relaxation and therapeutic massages because they can be used to penetrate deeper into the fat tissue to dislodge fat cells and reduce the fat layer.

Twice as powerful as an anti-cellulite massage with reducing creams or specific oils, anti-cellulite massage with bamboo sticks has effects from the very first session. One session is never enough, and the major effects come provided that the massage is accompanied by a balanced diet that helps eliminate toxins from the tissues and helps restore the skin’s natural elasticity.



In addition to the effect of reducing the appearance of orange peel while reducing the circumference of the affected areas, the anti-cellulite massage has a tonic effect on the muscles and blood circulation, stimulates the elimination of toxins, revitalizes cell metabolism, relaxes and energizes.


Duration: 60 min

Body contouring and facial rejuvenation with the Mantis MR 991 machine


Beauty is a whole, a balance between how we feel and how we look.
Every change in improving the appearance of the skin is important: it shows in the psycho-emotional state and contributes to well-being. In addition to each woman’s personal recipes for healthy, toned, rejuvenated skin on the face or body, we can benefit from the high-performance, non-invasive technology offered by the Mantis MR 991, which goes beyond the boundaries of beauty.


Mantis treats the body as a whole, with specific programmes for each area of the body and for each problem.
The machine’s special programmes have an intense action to treat: oedematous or fibrous cellulite, skin lacking vitality (flabby skin), fat pockets, subcutaneous fat layer, fat deposits in the knee, ankle and calf area, accumulated fat in the waist and thigh area, loss of skin elasticity in the arm area, wrinkles and skin defects on the face, neck and décolleté skin, for a long-term anti-aging effect.


Amazing results

The Mantis medical and cosmetic device is an ultra-complex device that has decades of study, research and experimentation behind it in medical research centres. It is based on the most advanced multi-patented technological system that treats the causes of skin appearance problems, not just their visible effects. That’s why its results are revolutionary.

Mantis MR 991 has 2 operating principles that work synergistically on the treated area when activating any of the 15 available programmes.


  • MRM (motorised mechanical roller handling). These rollers replicate manual massage, but work deeper into the tissues, thus managing to break down micro or macro cellulite nodules and reduce the fat layer. This technology has guaranteed slimming, toning and centimeter loss effects, stimulates lymphatic and venous circulation and helps improve blood flow. When applied to the face, endomassage helps to visibly reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone for radiant and firm facial skin.
  • CMPS (pulsed magnetic fields with stochastic resonance) – which works for any type of problem caused by cellular stress. It has a detoxifying and fluid-eliminating effect, because during treatment, oxygen exchange increases and toxic substances are drained to the kidneys and excretory organs for elimination.


The protocols with this device are not performed directly on the skin of the body; for extra protection and hygiene, a personalised treatment suit is put on and reused by the patient at each session. The possibilities and benefits offered by this top-of-the-range device are multiple and are agreed with the therapist for each individual.

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