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About us

Amaryl Wellness & Bali Spa Brașov: your relaxation island located in the heart of the most beautiful city


Since 2014 we have been bringing together the latest medical knowledge with traditional massage and relaxation techniques in order to create the ultimate spa experience. These complement the state-of-the-art technology and equipments we use for cosmetic and body reshaping treatments.


We know how much you want to see the best results when visiting our salon, whatever your objective: whether it’s cosmetic treatments, weight loss or anti-cellulite treatment. We’re here for you, we’re here to work together as a team.

Customized programs

Together with you, for the desired results


From the very first meeting, we set together which therapeutic program best suits your wishes and goals. This way we create an unique, customized program that includes all the necessary steps and procedures to achieve the desired results. We stand by your side, we are here to work with you together, as a team.


For us, nature means balance. That’s why in our center you can enjoy massages and treatments with best quality lotions, creams, masks, treatments and essential oils with the highest quality natural ingredients from renowned producers with internationally recognised certifications. These complement the state-of-the-art technologies and equipments we use to perform cosmetic and body contouring treatments that tone the body, relieve fatigue or reduce localized pain.


We have created a range of packages to choose from the options that suit you best. We’ve combined massages, treatments and various therapies and spiced them up with chocolate, wine or candied fruit. We are constantly updating our range of services so that we are able to regularly surprise you with new services or services specially designed according to your wishes.


Discover our special packages or see individual rates.


Spa programs have immediate benefits for your instant well-being

Most appreciated Amaryl services

Here are the most requested types of services you can enjoy.

Special offers for companies

Become our partner for your employees' well-being. Check out our offers for companies and groups to complement your employee retention and bonus solutions.


Our blog

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