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Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage was known and practiced since oldest times in order to strenghten health, to fight fatigue and increase body resistance, indications which are still apllicable today.

Relaxing massage effects:

    masaj anticelulitic
  • remove dead cells layer from skin surface and excess sebum from sebaceous glands, with cleaning effect;
  • stimulate sebaceous glands, contributing to recovery of acid protection layer of the skin;
  • nourish tissues, bringing an increased flow of blood;
  • skin maintains it's elasticity and moreover, inhibits the appearance of fat deposits;
  • improves muscle tone;
  • stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, ensuring nutrients exchange between tissues and removal of metabolic waste;
  • relaxes and calms the entire body, favorably influencing the nervous system.

Complete relaxation and tranquility is immediate benefits of massage, due to endorpfins production, brain chemicals which give a state of well being.

In the same time, there is a decrease in concentration of stress, adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine hormones. It is proven fact that increased level of stress hormones imbalance also immune system.

tratament celulita

Aditional benefits of relaxing massage are:

  • reduction in muscle tension,
  • faster healing of soft tissue injuries,
  • stimulation of lymphatic system,
  • improving circulation,
  • increase joint mobility and flexibility,
  • regaining normal skin tone,
  • reducing depression and anxiety.

Anti-cellulite massage

tratament vergeturi Cellulite is subcutaneous conjunctive tissue alterations that affect the dermis and hypodermis. It tends to locate on the buttocks, hips, thighs, lower knees, upper arms.

Anti-cellulite massage therapy is very effective in cellulite reduction and elimination, having a fast and visible result from the first sessions. It is one of the best solutions to get rid of "orange peel" aspect, being a local treatment that can insist precisely where it's needed, to have desired results.

Because it diminishes body fat and acts favourably on the areas affected by cellulite, anti-cellulite massage have an important aesthetic role. Through anti-cellulitic massage sessions immune system is improved, because it can become weaker after prolonged periods of stress or due to hormonal disfunctions. For major effects, anti-cellulitic massage must be accompanied by a balanced diet, which will help to eliminate toxins from tissues and restore skin natural elasticity.

Anti-cellulite massage acts not only at skin level, but also on muscles, articulations and ligaments.

It must not be forgot that, like in other therapies, there are also contraindications:

  • pathological conditions accompanied by impaired general condition with high fever, agitation;
  • vascular fragility;
  • recent strokes;
  • cancer or other serious conditions;
  • osteoporosis;
  • acute skin inflammation, pronounced varicose veins.

Anti-cellulite massage is thought to be deep, very powerful and very effective in shaping body fat, smoothing the areas affected by cellulite. Anti-Cellulite massage sessions are usually on the hips, legs, buttocks, abdomen. To enhance the effect, reducing creams or specific oils are used.

Anti-cellulite massage sessions are performed with minimal discomfort and maximum effects, and our team of specialists will help you with practical advices. We also use anti-cellulite creams and oils with thermoactive and reducing effects. These creams improves microcirculation in cellulite affected areas, increasing lipolytic effect. This effect results in diminishing of fat, while reducing fluid retention. Thus, it achieves a decrease in size of the treated areas and produce a lifting effect.

Anti-cellulite massage sessions are conducted by specialized personnel, qualified in massage: kinesiotherapist, masseur technician.

It must be taken into account that some massage techniques are used more assertive as anti-cellulite massage is not as relaxing, but therapeutic one.

Patients who choose this way to fight cellulite should know that you can not work miracles overnight. It takes several massage sessions, depending on the degree of cellulite from which the treatment starts. Also, this type of massage is most often painful, depending also of the threshold of sensitivity of the client, but the effects will soon appear.

Why this massage hurts? Because cellulite is a skin disease, which hurts itself and anti-cellulitic massage procedure imply more deep and tough maneuvers, such as friction, kneading, buffering, pinching etc. The intensity of the maneuvers is established based on the sensitivity of each person, therefore communication between patient and masseur is extremely important.

Benefits of anti-cellulitic massage sessions:

  • eliminate cellulite, by eliminating micro and macro cellulitic nodules;
  • helps restore skin elasticity and firmness;
  • it stimulates and improves blood circulation;
  • muscles toning;
  • diminish body fat;
  • facilitates digestion and eliminates constipation and bloating;
  • stimulate sebaceous glands, contributing to recovery of acid protection layer of the skin;
  • stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, ensuring nutrients exchange between tissues and removal of metabolic waste;
  • analgesic effect;
  • aIt has beneficial effects on the psyche, helping to achieve harmonization with your own body.

The results are visible after the first 4-5 intensive sessions, orange peel aspect visibly disappears, and the skin is smoother.

After a full treatment, waist circumference is smaller by up to 7 cm.

Masajul terapeutic

Therapeutic massage is part of medical recovery procedures and its practice requires solid anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology knowledge. This type of massage can be used to promote the general wellbeing of the body and enhance your esteem, with beneficial effects on the immune system, blood pressure, circulation, digestion, muscle tone and skin.

This massage has been incorporated into many health systems and various massage techniques have been developed and integrated into various complementary therapies. Therapeutic massage acts directly on the body, and it's effects are multiple.

celulita spa

Several of the most important effects of therapeutic massage are:

Stimulation of intra-articular synovial fluid secretion, stimulation of blood circulation, considerable improvement of nutrition and oxygenation of the massaged anatomical structures; with direct intervention over pain, has a considerable antyalgic effect, improves the amplitude of joint movements, elasticity of soft periarticular structures, and local metabolism.

Massage stimulates multiple functions of the body, thus contributing to increasing their yield. It offers very good results in back pain (dorsal pains) such as loboscia, disc hernia, discopathy or neck area pain (cervical pain), such as cervical spondylitis. It is also a form of natural treatment, it's effects being kept from a few days (for one session), up to a few months, for a therapeutic package of 10 sessions.

Other effects of medical massage are:

Increased basal metabolism, influencing the functions of the affected internal organs manifested by painful sensations of the thoracic or abdominal wall (Head zones). Massage on these areas, it acts reflex on the deep functions of the organs, removal of muscle fatigue, improvement of sleep and good mood, stimulation of the vascular system functions, stimulation of the nervous and respiratory apparatus functions, improvement in oxygenation of the central nervous system.

masaj relaxare The therapeutic massage improves blood circulation as well as it's ability to transport oxygen to the cells, without forgetting the lymph flow system which is improved as well, helping equally at nutrients transport toward cells and removal of impurities and toxic substances from the body, fighting against or preventing diseases.

To the extent that therapeutic massage is combined with a balanced diet and exercise, it will help restore body contours and reduces fat deposits, preventing morbid obesity and maintaining a normal body weight. Increased muscle flexibility and tonus is due as well to the massage, which helps also against depression, anxiety and negative conditions.

Physicians and other medical professionals around the world recommend massage therapy to alleviate chronic conditions such as arthritis, allergies, sinusitis, headaches, sport injuries and many other diseases.

Returning to manual procedures, embodied in maneuvers or massage manipulations, these are represented by various sliding movements of the hands on the body surface and in-depth pressure, tissues tightening and squeezing, rhythmic striking on the flesh parts and shaking of the segments.

Manual procedures are the oldest, most widespread and most effective forms of massage, as the human hand has great sensitivity, being capable of fine moves and multiple possibilities of adapting and perfecting movements.

Yumeiho therapy - chiropractic massage

Chiropraxia (gr. chiros=hand), known to us as "bones pulling" it's an old practice in Romania. The basis of this therapy is the twisting and unlocking of the vertebral joints and the extension of the spine at all levels.

Treatment is recommended for those who adopt the wrong positions (posts) during work, driving or in front of the computer, followed by the movement of the natural bones position and the appearance of vicious postures with deviations and deformations of the vertebral column (scoliosis, cifosis, lordosis).

Also, due to daily activities, with over-stressing at prolonged effort, through excessive body weight, the backbone can also be compressed, therefore stretches (elongations) and "bones pulling" (rearranging the joints) is needed. Thus, chiropractic massage (Yumeiho therapy in this case) brings the bones back in their normal, natural position, with spectacular effects. Spinal deviations decreases, pain is visibly diminished, and the mobility is fully recovered because the normal spine curves are restored.

Maneuvers must be executed by qualified personnel, after a thorough verification and after a relaxation massage of dorsal muscles, which are most of the times tensioned.

the number and frequency of the sessions will be established depending on the patient's condition, the degree of deformity, the age of the disorder; also, of importance are the patient's age, the concomitant disorders and affections of other segments/organs.

Reflexo massage

Foot reflexology can be a profoundly relaxing and therapeutic way for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the foot plant fascia), ankle injuries or even something after daily work stress or after sport activities.

The therapist can apply reflexogen massage techniques to the entire inferior member. This will not only help you relieve pain in the toes, ankle, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis but can also reduce stress and anxiety in the entire body. Additionally, stretching and framing techniques can be applied, which may be beneficial.

In terms of pain and sensitivity in the leg, heel and shank area, it is advisable to communicate during treatment with your therapist about pain levels, in order for him/her to adapt the techniques and procedures according to your needs. Also, after reflexo massage we recommend a rest period.

If you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of foot reflexology, you should know that the benefits are greatly improved as the frequency of therapy is increased. The higher the frequency, the higher the feeling of well-being.

Reflexology has a prophylactic role, maintaining the health of those who use it periodically, but also medicinally, leading to the amelioration and healing of many diseases, without the need for medication. It can also be used for diagnostic purposes. Anyone can use reflexology if they intend to help their own body stay in a state of balance.

Practice demonstrated that functional disorders can be improved by 85-90% through reflexo massage and organic disorders in over 60% of the cases. Very good results are obtained in gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, renal, rheumatic, cardiovascular, osteo-articular, endocrine, ophthalmic, ENT, immune deficiencies, menstrual or menopausal disorders, frigidity, impotence, etc.

That's why Amaryl salon introduced the monthly individualized subscription, so you can enjoy these benefits whenever you want. The monthly subscription includes one-hour massage sessions as well as reflex massage, agreed upon and strictly respected by our therapists. Therefore, you can relax, and you can enjoy the sensation of rejuvenation and health.

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