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Manicure & Pedicure

2016-2017 Season manicure and pedicure - luxury and style

Trends in nail polishing in 2016-2017 season make our nails stand out with the elegance. After all, the way a woman cares of her nails talks about her own's style and how careful she is with her.

Spectacular manicure and elegance completes not only current trends, but also clothing. You will be amazed when you notice that trends in manicure in this season are full of fabulous colors, different prints and textures.


This season trends tends to focus on naturally nails, which is well expressed both in terms of the color of the nail polish as well as the shape of the nail. Narrow, neat, rounded shape nails replaces this season the old square shape .

And when it comes to colors, you will have to choose a color as natural as possible.

Transparent nails polished slightly with a nail polish, a pale pink or a pale beige (natural colors) are the most elegant options this season. Focus is on the accuracy of manicure rather than on its diversity.

Red & Black

The most versatile colors for manicure, red and black are still as popular as always in the new season, making it an amazing alternative to both holidays and the days when you feel elegant and timeless.

Black nail polish is used both for pedicure and manicure and can be wear as it is or in combination with red, gold or white. This trend can be seen in Elie Saab, Luis Vutton, Kenzo and other collections.

When you choose red, you must be very careful at the color of your veins. Yes, I know, maybe it sounds a little weird, but it's a very effective trick in choosing the right shade. If you have blue-ish veins, choose a shade of red with a violet or purple finish. On the other hand, women with white-green veins are advised to choose a shade of red with orange tint. Bitter red is recommended for women who have dark skin and veins almost translucent.

Nail polish with metallic accents

Metallic polished nails have always been in vogue, but this season are again in the spotlight. Metallic accents are allowed this season on shoes, bags, jewelry, hair accessories and, of course, on nails. Extremely popular in military and grunge styles this season, metallic notes are undeniably successful.

The most appreciated metallic shades are those that have gold, silver and copper in composition. If you're afraid to opt for metallic nails completely, you can only add a plus of shine to a classic manicure by opting for metal accents only on certain nails. For superb metallic nails , you can inspire from Anna Sui, Antipodium, Nicole Miller, Monique Lhuillier, Rebecca Minkoff, etc.

Dark nails

Before black, red, nude and metallic accents, new trend in nail polishing is dark colors. Cherry and burgundy shades - are the perfect ones for women with dark skin. Blue, violet, khaki and fuchsia can be admired equally on the ladies hands, this season. If you are looking for a color that fits in between dark and neutral tones, you can choose with confidence between different shades of gray.


As surprising as it may sound, this season, neon nail polish tones are popular. Without them, autumn would be definitely boring! For an impressive and cheerful autumn, choose luminous nails in pink neon shades of different daring combinations (ombre).

Print - exceptional models

Although simple nails are timeless classics, fashion pioneers with vivid imagination wants to always experience different nail designs, opting for spectacular nails, textures, prints, patterns and special effects.

In this case we can afford to "decorate" our nails with caviar, coffee, velvet, bulky jewelry's, staples and beads, lace etc..

2016-2017 autumn/winter season, trends brings also different print types like animal print, plaid painted nails.

Men's manicure vs. women's manicure

When it comes to aesthetic services for men, there are not so many informations in the field. Let's take, for example, trivial manicure: it has different interpretations, depending on each person. Generally, to a man, "I made a manicure" is the translation of: "I cut my hand nails and got out my corners".

For a woman "manicure" can mean both nail care and a visit to the salon, and from here things are getting complicated: manicure, simple, french, spa manicure, false nails, nail rhinestone applications, nail paintings, stones, nail accessories, etc.

Hence the false idea that manicure services in the salon are for women only and the presence of men there is ... "God forbid!", something you do not speak about. Nothing can be more fake! Men can make a manicure specially for men, which is a bit different from the manicure of women.

Are the men using transparent nail polish or not?

Lately, it appears not. The transparent nail polish it gives gloss, but "jumps off" the nail pretty fast. The best option is used in Japanese manicure: men's nails get a shine after using a soft, special buffer that gives the same effect as nail polish without the use of any chemical. It's healthier and the effect last longer.

Can men do a spa manicure?

Why not? What's in it to lose? It's actually recommended, as men's hands are more harder and harsher. they use a cream sometimes after clipping their nails... What spa manicure presume for men: treatment with certain creams, hands masks, and hands massage, to obtain a more hydrated skin. Of course, if there is a lot of hair on the forearm, it will be avoided to put cream on the area, as it will give an unpleasant feeling.

How much time is needed for a man's manicure performed at the salon?

Simple manicure takes around 30 minutes and spa manicure, around 45 minutes. For men, masks are massaged on the skin of the hands in order to increase the efficiency of the ingredients, but also to shorten the time of massage, if so desired.

How often it's recommended for a man to have a manicure and pedicure?

Pedicure, once a month or once every two weeks (depending on the budget), and manicure once every two weeks or weekly (depending on profession and man's desire).

It is normal for a man to go to a beauty salon?

Of course. the fact that you take care of yourself adds value at your image, not only as civilized man but also in the eyes of the persons you will meet.

Hands are the "business card" of a person.

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