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Facial Rejuvenation

tratament riduri brasov As time passes, the skin is changing appearance, loses its elasticity and firmness, and wrinkles gradually. Facial treatment takes all these changes into consideration and comes to your help with effective non-surgical solutions. As always, prevention is better, so Amaryl Salon brings to you a wide range of effective facial treatments with quick results.

For maximum efficiency, facial treatment is recommended in two sessions per week for a period of 6 weeks, then a weekly session, especially at seasons change.

Amaryl salon provides you with a wide range of cosmetics, masks and luxury treatments, depending on your skin. Contraindications of facial treatments are allergies to certain cosmetics or dermatological conditions.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

- Treatment with herbal extracts - Edelweiss flower, iris
- Collagen treatment
- Caviar treatment
- Regeneration, purification, tonification treatments with "lift therapy" effect
- Clay treatment
- Argan oil treatment

Each treatment is performed according to well-defined and prepared stages for the needs of each type of skin and is divided into long, medium or short cleaning treatments.

Each of the presented treatments includes the 6 basic steps for facial treatments, differentiating only by the time allocated to the treatment type, from 120 minutes for long treatment to 45 minutes for short cleaning treatment.

1. Make-up removal
2. Tonification
3. Therapeutic procedure
4. Treatment
5. Intensive hydration mask
6. Finishing cream

In facial rejuvenation treatments at the Amaryl Salon, in addition you will find:
- facial microdermabrasion
- ultrasound treatments
- classic wax epilation

Facial Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency consists in the selective application of energy in deep layers of the skin and in subcutaneous layers without any risk, allowing us to fight against flaccidity by stimulating fibroblasts in generating new collagen.

epilare spa brasov Radiofrequency treatment, also known as "lifting without surgery" is a non-invasive technique (without surgery and without anesthesia) for the treatment of facial and light body flaccidity with exceptional results.

We use state-of-the-art equipment featuring mono-, bi- and tri-polar radiofrequency which allows us to take energy at different depths and thus treat different types of flaccidity.

Radiofrequency treatment is ideal for those who have a faint skin on the face and body that want to improve appearance without resorting to surgery. It has no side effects, it is not painful (heat is the only feeling in treated area) and does not require anesthesia. As a general rule, in order to achieve optimal results, between 5 and 12 sessions are recommended, with one week pause between it.

The results consist of a tighter skin and a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and flaccidity. The stretching effect is progressively observed starting from the first sessions and results last for about 2 years. Maintenance sessions are recommended every 3 months after the end of the treatment to ensure long lasting of the results obtained.

Facial Electro-stimulation

pensat spa

Micro-stimulation is a beneficial procedure for the face muscles, restoring the shine and vigor of the skin, imitating natural bio-currents that begin to fade as time passes. The effect of facial lifting is observed after 10-12 sessions, being a cheap and less risky method.

Effects of micro-stimulation:
- Elimination of fine wrinkles and remission of deep ones
- Improves the "tired face" aspect
- Reduces the aging process of the skin by improving blood circulation
- restores eyelids elasticity, implicitly decreasing the dark circles around the eyes

Permanent hair removal

We offer you the latest and most advanced technology in the field of permanent hair removal, delivered through the Yperion Or-Light device.
Yperion's patented SPL technology is much stronger and more accurate, showing by far superior efficiency to other older (IPL) methods. In terms of photo-epilation, Yperion Or-Light SPL technology is the most effective solution you can choose.
This technology is a step forward also in terms of safety, with much lower reported side effects of the procedure.

Visible light spectrum is concentrated in bright flashes, and the root of the hair is gradually sensitized until it is definitively atrophied. SPL permanent hair removal procedure has the advantage of irreversible destruction of the hair root up to 90%, in just a few sessions, so regardless of the degree of hairiness of the person following the treatment, the results are as satisfying as possible.

With SPL Or-Light, each hair removal session is comfortable and free of pain or fear of post-procedure skin reactions. After the first hair removal session, not only a visible diminish of the hairiness, but also an increased firmness and brilliance in the skin is noticed. This is due to the double direction in which the device acts: removing unwanted hair through light flashes and at the same time photo-lifting (the skin becomes more elastic, it gets a healthier look, and at the end of each session one can notice an improvement of its quality).

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